The Faculty of Health

About the Faculty

We all smoke, some of us perhaps a little too much. Are there any adverse health effects that come along with smoking? Maybe you're wondering if there are any benefits or nutritional value that accompanies the use of weed? Or maybe you just want a delicious recipe for cannabis butter?

The Faculty of Health discusses the pros and cons of weed use on our bodies and mind, how to cook with marijuana, and more.

Potential Subjects

  • Cooking with weed
  • Short-term effects of weed on health
  • Long-term effects of weed on health
  • Which is better for you - smoking, vaping, or eating weed
  • Nutritional value of marijuana and hemp
  • Munchies
  • Weed and pregnancy
  • Weed and cancer
  • Effects on teens from marijuana use
  • Will weed cure my disease?
  • Gummies
  • The power of CBD

Health courses currently available