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It'll be the best decision of your life!


“The incredible world of weed is at your fingertips. Plant your seed today.”

Mike, Co-Founder of Weed College

What We Offer

Weed College offers you a world of wonder and excitement revolving completely around marijuana. Enrollment only takes seconds, and the knowledge you'll gain will last a lifetime. Unless you're stoned right now. In that case, you'll probably forget everything by tomorrow ...

We offer:
  • Completely free courses about every aspect of weed, delivered in an interesting way by knowledgeable professors;
  • A friendly, pot-head community that you're guaranteed to fit in with;
  • Teaching opportunities for those who want to impart their wisdom upon us all;
  • Dope Weed College gear to impress your friends;
  • A Bachelor of Weed degree upon completion of requirements;
  • ... and so much more!


We don't have a ton of requirements, but we're serious about the ones we do have. I know, I know ... screw rules! I feel ya. However, in order to keep Weed College a fun, happy campus, there just have to be some sort of boundaries put in place, ya know?

Our requirements:
  • No kids allowed, 19+ only;
  • Keep 'er friendly;
  • Be kind and helpful to the newbs;
  • Keep the comments spam-free ... if you want to promote something, send us a comment privately;
  • Smoking is allowed on campus and in class;
  • Have fun and learn lots!

Important (Legal) Note

Weed College isn't a licenced college and is for entertainment purposes only, so you probably shouldn't use it on your resume.
... unless you're applying for a position in the weed field, then by all means, throw it on there!