Apply to become a professor at Weed College!

Picture this.

You're having a small get-together and inviting a couple of close friends over. You're thinking that they'd love some pot brownies, so you effortlessly bake up a batch. You then take out a baggie of amazing sativa (not your best bag though, you're saving that for after your friends leave) and begin your routine. You inhale it first ... delicious. You can smell the aromas of orange and lavender, with a hint of cocoa. You lay it on the table in front of you and chop it up in the absolute perfect size. You take out a blunt wrap and roll it into a flawless cone. Then you roll another. And another.

You take a hit off your bong as your friends arrive. You greet them, then pull out one of the blunts and light it up. Your friends are always so interested in everything you have to say, especially when you're high. You speak of the magic of marijuana and its history. You beam from ear-to-ear when one of your friends asks about your plants. Your smile tells them how incredibly proud you are of your recent crop. How you changed the lighting just a bit this time and it made a world of a difference.

A friend pulls out a bag of weed and starts rolling it. You notice that their fingers are placed in the wrong spot, so as kindly as possible, you show them how to correct it for a better roll. They couldn't believe how easy it is to roll a perfect joint after you showed them how to do it differently.

The party goes perfectly for the rest of the night, everyone has an awesome time, and you bid them farewell. You close the door, sit back, put on a VHS copy of Half Baked, roll another joint, then pass out on the couch, satisfied with an amazing night.

Does this sound like you? Knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and absolutely adore weed? If so, we would love for you to become a Weed College professor!

How to Become a Professor

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If you want to become a professor at Weed College, we require the following qualifications:

  • Vast knowledge of marijuana in one more or areas;
  • Decent writing skills (or speaking skills if you want to make a video course instead);
  • Able to assist with questions or comments about your course;
  • Easy to work with, as you will work closely with the deans of Weed College (they will peer-edit, post, and update your course).
Before you apply to become a professor, please take note of the following items:

  • We will require to see some sort of writing from you - whether it be an article, a blog, a Reddit post, your Twitter handle - we need to see something so we can take a look at your writing style (please include a link or two in the request form);
  • We hope that you will write at least one course at Weed College within the first two weeks after we've approved the request, so please ensure you have time to write something;
    • It's okay if it takes longer than two weeks, but keep the deans informed of your progress along the way;
  • Courses should be at least 2000 words long (there is no maximum length);
  • If you want to do a video course, it should be at least 15 minutes long;
  • The writing/speaking style shouldn't be too serious - keep it light, keep it humorous, keep it entertaining;
  • We'd love if you wrote a blog as well - we'll be happy to post it, and it can be about anything!