The Faculty of Engineering

About the Faculty

Ever wonder how to make a pipe out of an apple? Perhaps you need to brush up on your rolling skills? Or maybe you've perfected everything and want more ideas on how you can smoke or use your pot? You've got the mind of an engineer, so this faculty is where you belong.

The Faculty of Engineering consists of rolling, smoking apparatuses, building your own devices, and more.

Potential Subjects

  • Rolling for beginners
  • Intermediate rolling
  • Advanced rolling
  • All the ways to smoke weed
  • How to build a homemade smoking device
  • Fun things to build or make while high
  • Stoner arts and crafts
  • Making stuff with hemp
  • Making hash and hash oil
  • Making vape juice
  • Making dabs
  • Making tinctures
  • Making cannabis cream

Engineering courses currently available