This is Weed College

Even higher learning.

Our History

Weed College was founded in 2002 by three college students with one simple mission: to provide free, detailed, interesting information about weed in a college setting. We worked tirelessly on the school, and it was eventually launched to great fanfare that same year. Thousands of students enrolled in classes, participated in forums, and felt the togetherness of a community focused solely on that sweet, sweet Mary-Jane.

However, life happened, and before Weed College was fully functional and implemented, we had to close its doors. But we always knew it was going to come back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.

... 18 years later, that day has finally arrived.

Our Mission

Our mission hasn't changed much over the years. It is still our goal to bring a community of pot-enthusiasts from all over the world together in one place. We want this to be the number one spot for people to go for all of their marijuana knowledge.

The biggest change from our original plan is that instead of us being the only ones who teach at Weed College, we're looking to our community to help create courses and be professors. We feel that using all of the information and knowledge within our collectives minds is the absolute best way to educate and tell our stories.

Our goal is to make Weed College feel like a real virtual campus, where we smoke together, laugh together, smoke together, cry together, learn together, and smoke together. To become the Weed College family.

Our Courses

Like any college, we offer a wide range of courses here at Weed College. Except at our school, the classes are strictly about weed. Courses are a part of a larger faculty, for example, within the Faculty of Art, we have a stoner music class to learn about weed-related musicians. In our Faculty of Science, there's a botany class to help you grow the perfect plants. Our Faculty of Law has a course all about legalization in different parts of the world. In the Faculty of Engineering, you can enroll in a class dedicated to making bongs and pipes out of household items.

You get the picture. Whatever class you can take at college, we offer a weed version of it here. Course are categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert. There are classes for everyone at Weed College!

Each course will have a test afterwards, and you must get at least 50% in order to pass. What happens if you don't get over 50%? You can take the test once more. If you fail for a second time, you're no longer allowed to retake the test, and can't use that class towards your Bachelor of Weed.

Ahhh yes, the Bachelor of Weed. Once you have successfully completed 10 of our courses, you can apply to receive your degree. All of the hard work, all of the studying and smoking will have paid off with your beautiful certificate! Additionally, if you complete 25 courses, you will earn your Doctorate of Weed, and you're more than welcome to tell friends and family that you're a doctor.

One thing to note, however, is that it's technically not a real degree, as the government has yet to deem us a real college. Perhaps someday they will, but alas, that time has not yet arrived. The certificate will still look incredible on your wall, though!

Our Professors

Our professors are hand picked by the deans of Weed College. They are the most brilliant marijuana minds in the entire world. They're magnificent writers who cater to all levels of knowledge - from people just getting into weed, to 75 year old hippies who have smoked their entire lives.

The professors occasionally write blogs for us on any subject imaginable, and they always read and reply to comments on their courses. If you see them around, please thank them for their hard work and dedication towards making Weed College everything it is today!

As previously mentioned, we rely on the community to write courses for us. If you think you have what it takes to become a professor, please click here to submit your request.

Your College

We want every single one of our students to feel like they're at home whenever they're at Weed College.

As a dean, it is my duty to help you every step along the way, to listen and to implement your suggestions, to rectify any issue you're experiencing, and to care for you like you are my family.

This is your college. This is Weed College.

Why Enroll?

Our students enroll at Weed College because they love weed, and they have a hunger. And that hunger isn't just for munchies. It's a hunger for knowledge. It's a hunger for community. It's a hunger for weed.

If you have that hunger, grab some Doritos, then enroll now to begin your studies at Weed College. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Meet Our Team

We have the most amazing people working together to make Weed College the best school ever!



Co-Founder & Dean


Co-Founder & Dean