The Offical Game of Stoners


Use the arrow keys to move the rasta-man around the grow house.Pickup as many buds of weed as you can. If the pigs are getting too close, find a corner to smoke a joint and enjoy the munchie burgers. Collect bonus items for extra grams.

Keyboard Controls
< = move left
> = move right
/\ = move up
\/ = move down
P = smoke break

Get really high before playing. Pickup a joint only when all 4 pigs are very close so you can get them all. Don't get busted by the pigs.

Paul Neave (Flash God)
Mike Thiel (Weed College Co-Founder)


Weed College

July 19, 2002
London ON Canada

This website is the brainchild of three college stoners and a lot of pot.

We had a pretty sophisticated website online for a couple years, built in ASP. We went through some growing pains but lack of money, time and effort ultimately led to the site coming down.

That was coupled with the decision to move the site to a new server (PHP) that could handle more traffic and provide better application and database scalability.

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